Who We Are

Our Story

While working as a therapist at a safe house for survivors, our founder and Executive Director, Mimi Johnson, noticed that many women struggled with finding and keeping a job. Addiction, lack of education, and PTSD symptoms created barriers for these women in achieving the life they wanted. Mimi felt a calling to support survivors in regaining their independence through employment. SAGE was founded to bridge the gap between survivors and the workforce, making it easier for them to transition to financial independence.

A group of compassionate and motivated women and men came together with Mimi to bring SAGE to life. SAGE started a business to employ survivors in and created a safe, trauma-informed place to learn job skills. The career development program and case management program were then developed in response to the needs survivors were presenting as they entered SAGE’s employment program.  
A selfie capturing the strong team spirit within the SAGE team.

Our Mission

Centered in God’s love for His children, we provide employment and supportive services to female survivors of human trafficking and sexual trauma so that each woman can achieve emotional and financial independence.

Our Milestones

Highlighting SAGE's 2021 achievements, showcasing the team's unity and collaboration from the very start.
Celebrating SAGE's accomplishments in 2022, featuring 1,300 coaching hours, support for 7 women, and the growth of our programs.
Emphasizing SAGE's community outreach efforts and vision.

Our Values

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